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Forager who?!

Bring the outdoors in and onto our plates!

Forager is run by Tizzy who created her very own lock-down business baby! Her ethics have always been to live as sustainable as possible and use the land to its full potential. Our main aim is to work with the community to guide, educate and help connect people with the earth peacefully.
Our foraging courses are seasonal and provide fun and easy guides to identify edible plants found right on our doorstep. Along with our courses, we also create plant based dishes with foraged elements to show just how easy it is to add wild plants into our diets.

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Meet Tizzy.

Founder, foraging instructor, chef.

Growing up in Hampshire and Sussex I always remember picking blackberries down the lane with my grandmother every single year to then rush back and bake a crumble! I have always been so grateful to grow up in the countryside until the age of 13 when we moved closer to the city of Brighton. The wild-ling in me never left and I have always run back to nature whenever I've had the chance. After learning bush craft at collage in 2009 and then foraging skills from my step father, I knew I wanted to teach these wonderful skills to others and was given the opportunity to teach schools in 2018.

In 2017 I had to take a step back from my mission to work abroad as a teacher when I was diagnosed with MS. It hit me like a ton of bricks as I had no idea what it meant for my future. But after overcoming the fact that MS did not own me, I decided to stay in the UK and appreciate everything around me.

The week after I was diagnosed, I researched all I needed to know about living a happy and healthy life style and I went cold tofu (I won't use turkey in this analogy). I went from being a huge dairy lover to choosing a plant-based diet. Since then I haven’t looked back and I feel healthier than ever.

Nature has always been my happy place and I want to show as many people as possible that slowing down and listening to your body away from busy high streets, can do wonders for your mental and physical health. The pandemic has given me the opportunity to stop and listen to what I really want in life and that is to spread love through great food and connect souls to our beautiful land.


Our intention isn’t to simply cook behind closed doors, but to give you the whole crafted dining experience. This gives us the chance to teach you unique recipes from local, seasonal and foraged ingredients. We want to create new and fascinating experiences by collaborating with like minded food businesses.


If you are interested in booking us for collaborations or a special events, please contact us with your inquiry.

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